Barefoot and Minimalist Runners Wanted! – Spaulding National Running Center in Boston is Looking for Running Research Subjects

SeeYa FormA few weeks ago I traveled down to Boston to visit the Spaulding National Running Center. The center is headed by Dr. Irene Davis, who is one of the world’s leading experts on running form and injuries, and in addition to working with injured runners in a clinical capacity, they also carry out research studies. While I was there they mentioned that they are looking for barefoot and minimalist runners to participate in their research studies.

I offered to lend a hand and spread the word here on the blog, here are the specifics:

What is involved:
-Come for 1 session at the Spaulding National Running Center (1575 Cambridge Street, Cambridge 02138), approximately 2-hours
-Complete multiple walk and run trials over ground and on a treadmill
-The computer system tracks your movement in 3D and the forces you produce

What you Get:
- A free running shirt
- A video of your footstrike pattern with ground reaction forces

You are eligible if:
- You are 18-60 years
- You run at lest 10 miles per week (for...

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